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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tis bean a while

The suns been shining, I'm better from my cold...... so it's an allotment day! Ok so I was only nipping down to see how things were as tomorrow I'll be fixing the green house with Rob hopeully. And well....things were pants.

Something is secretly naffing all my strawberries, beans are not looking happy, and the cucumber plants are pretty....dead.
On a lighter note....
I have new meeces! I have two fuzzy hairless, a cream and white called Nibble Munch, and a blue tan called Gypsy Belle. PLUS .... my very first show mice! They are a trio of black selfs. Two girls called Willow and Mynx, and a handsome young man called Sargent Woody D'Teabag or just Woody for short. Welcome to the clan guys :D (I'll add a pic of Woody laters ).

Nibble Munch
                                                                         Gypsy Belle

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