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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I have come to the conclusion mice are harder than kids.
My Abyssinian Poppy decided to have her babies 4 days early, not a lot you night think but in people terms its two and a half months early.
Not just that....she then decided she didn't like them. Chucking them outta the nest and slamming them up her tanks glass. Somehow I think she should be a bachelorette.
So after being awake for about 42 hours and feeding them every two with the smallest straw I could find, a friend came to the rescue and was able to successfully foster them onto two of her mice. All 6 are doing well!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Abyssinian Meece on the go.

Righto folks, I paired up two of my Abyssinian meeces Thursday, a few tiffs but nothing out of the ordinary. Heres a pic of Poppy and Manuel just in case you don't know what an Abby mouse looks like :D

Oh and I also get bored when left alone so I do things like this (the two v's stand for Vincent Valentine).