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Friday, 23 March 2012

Owl on the Fence Mitts.

I know its been a reallllllly long time, with my nieces 1st birthday, Christmas, Valentines AND me and my boyfriends joint birthday I have been a tad busy. All though he is not my boyfriend any more...... HE PROPOSED! (hehe did I make you think something else?)
Any ways, here's the pattern for my Owl on the Fence Mittens. Enjoy!

DK weight yarn (approximately 200 yards)

6 stitches and 9 rows = 1 inch

US #3 (3.25 mm) - two circular needles 
(Or 3 double-pointed needles)

K = knit
P = purl
M = make one
K2tog = knit two together

General pattern:
Cast on 48 sts - 24 sts on needle #1 and 24 on needle #2. K1,(P2, K2 across to last stitch), K1.
Continue ribbing for 14 rows. 

Work 2 rows even.

Start owl chart by knitting 6 stitches, do owl chart row, knit 6 stitches.


Thumb gusset: 
Row 1: Rep pattern across all sts on needle #1. On needle #2, K1, M1, K2, M1, knit across.
50 stitches total (2 thumb stitches)

Row 2 & 3: Work two rows even on both needles continuing in pattern across needle #1. 

Row 4: Rep pattern across all sts on needle #1. On needle #2, K1, M1, K4, M1, knit across. 
52 stitches total (4 thumb stitches)

Row 5 & 6: Rep Rows 2 & 3
54 stitches total (6 thumb stitches)

Continue increasing in same manner for the thumb gusset on every 3rd row until there are 18 sts for the thumb (or 9 sets of 2 increses = also equals 27 rows). Put thumb sts on waste yarn. When knitting next row, cast on 2 sts (backwards loop method) for a total of 24 sts on needle 2 (48 sts total).

Work the rest of the hand to desired length.

Hand Decreases: 
Row 1: K2tog across - 24 sts (12 on needle #1, 12 on needle #2). 

Row 2: Knit one row even. 

Row 3: K2tog across - 12 sts (6 on needle #1, 6 on needle #2). 

Row 4: Knit one row even. 

Row 5: K2tog across - 6 sts (3 on needle #1, 3 on needle #2). 

Pull yarn through remaining 6 stitches.

Finishing Thumb: 
Remove waste yarn and divide stitches onto two circular needles, 9 sts on each. Start knitting in the round and pick up 2 sts from the edge of the hand where you CO 2 sts. Total Thumb stitches = 20. 

Work in the round until you are ready to decrease. 

Row 1: K2tog across both needles (10 sts total). 

Row 2: Knit one row even. 

Row 3: K2tog across both needles (5 sts total). 

Pull yarn through remaining 5 stitches.

The gusset instructions above work the right mitten. When you want to work the left one, just move the increases to the end of needle 2, rather than at the beginning. Work the front exactly the same for both.