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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tis bean a while

The suns been shining, I'm better from my cold...... so it's an allotment day! Ok so I was only nipping down to see how things were as tomorrow I'll be fixing the green house with Rob hopeully. And well....things were pants.

Something is secretly naffing all my strawberries, beans are not looking happy, and the cucumber plants are pretty....dead.
On a lighter note....
I have new meeces! I have two fuzzy hairless, a cream and white called Nibble Munch, and a blue tan called Gypsy Belle. PLUS .... my very first show mice! They are a trio of black selfs. Two girls called Willow and Mynx, and a handsome young man called Sargent Woody D'Teabag or just Woody for short. Welcome to the clan guys :D (I'll add a pic of Woody laters ).

Nibble Munch
                                                                         Gypsy Belle

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Todays Plan.....

Ok so todays plan of action was....
1) Clean out mice
2) Buy buttons for the cardigan I'm making for my niece Felicity aka Flickipoo.
3) Go forth to allotment see if theres strawberries I can munch on, weed and plant out cucumbers as they are already fruiting and currently still reside on my windowsill.
What actually has happened so far......
1) Found a pile of dog sick (thanks Dumpty)
2) William escaped and took two hours to catch from about 7:30 this morning.

William is one of the nicest mice you could ever meet, and out of my 25ish meece he is a favorite, however he is a little s**t for escaping, it was only two days ago it happened last time.
And just in case he wanders of again and happens to go for miles, heres what he looks like:

And just so she doesn't feel left out here's Dumpty: ( And yes she has tissue stuck to her lip, she's odd like that).

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ok mom here we go...

So I went to teach mom to crochet Monday, she can knit but wanted to try. She wanted to make squares- easy.
She wanted to make a granny square - still kinda easy. Except for starting off.
In the end I had a headache, it was a square with 6 rounds to it. We did 2 hours.
She stopped, decided is was a small coaster.
Morals of the story:
1) Insist on doing a square in rows
2) get them a book with really good illustrations.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Hai! I'm kinda new to this so if i'm pants then please excuse me :D
So....... this is it BLOGGING. Well erm yeah spose i'd better introduce myself! I'm Jodie, i'm currently 26 and live in the middle o' England.
I can knit and crochet and well I have an allotment too. (I'm secretly 70).
My boyfriend lives with me, I don't live with him lol. I has a dog, chinchilla, a goldfish and about 25 meeces.
I breed meeces its like a hobby they're waaaaaaay better than hamsters any day.
So plans for this blog..... its mainly to rant share pictures of thing i've made or in the progress of making and sharing notes on my allotment.
Feel free to have a natter to me I don't mind :D
Let the good times roll baby!