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Monday, 26 December 2011

R2D2 Eggy cozy!

Yeah I know since September but hey my hours at work went up because of this thing called Christmas.
Since then the geek in me created a little R2D2 egg cozy.
here you goes:

R2D2 Egg Cozy

This pattern is written in American English crochet terms. It’s easy to convert into uk crochet terms as SC=DC and slip stitch is single crochet. Schimples!

Stuffs needed!
Small amounts of DK in grey, blue, white and red.
3mm crochet hook.
Small black button.

Join each round with a slip stitch (uk single crochet)

In magic circle in grey SC6
Rnd 2  2SC in each SC (12)
Rnd 3   SC around
Rnd 4   2SC in grey, 2 SC in next stitch with blue ( you should have 6 blue patches and 18 stitches)
Rnds 5,6,7     SC around
Rnd 8    Switch to blue SC around
Rnds 9,10     switch to white SC around
Rnd 11    SC  6, switch to blue SC 6, Switch to white for rest of round
Rnd 12    SC around
Rnd 13   as row 11
Rnd 14    SC around
Fasten off, weave in loose ends and attach a black button with red thread for little R2’s eye :D