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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Hai! I'm kinda new to this so if i'm pants then please excuse me :D
So....... this is it BLOGGING. Well erm yeah spose i'd better introduce myself! I'm Jodie, i'm currently 26 and live in the middle o' England.
I can knit and crochet and well I have an allotment too. (I'm secretly 70).
My boyfriend lives with me, I don't live with him lol. I has a dog, chinchilla, a goldfish and about 25 meeces.
I breed meeces its like a hobby they're waaaaaaay better than hamsters any day.
So plans for this blog..... its mainly to rant share pictures of thing i've made or in the progress of making and sharing notes on my allotment.
Feel free to have a natter to me I don't mind :D
Let the good times roll baby!

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